Crossing Paths

This collaborative installation between Marguerite Gilbertson and Krista Brand journeys to places that are familiar yet carry a sense of isolation or loneliness. It is about traversing through; and through the act of noticing, finding a sense of kinship with a place. It is also about “home” as both idea and place - the homes we inhabit, the homes we miss, the homes that are people, the home of the planet, home disconnected, home as commodity, home on land of past and current conflict. 

There is also a combining of landscapes between two people across thousands of miles; the overlap of these experiences shifts into another experience altogether. This translates in both digital and physical processes - in a way, mimicking both the digital and analog tools the artists have used to communicate about this project - video calls, text messages, and email, as well as snail mail.

Wait. Repeat.

An Exhibition of Noticing

This work reveals the process of a collaborative effort in seeing, noticing, and contemplating as an act of ritual, devotion, and meditative practice.

David JP Hooker and Krista Brand explore ideas around repetitive scenes of everyday spaces and deep looking. This exhibition has come together through the sharing of current projects while reconsidering older work and finding connections. Utilizing text, phone, and video conversations, email and snail mail, Hooker and Brand have developed a collaborative thread of thought, making new work in response to the project. This process has had a regenerative effect on both artists’ practices as they have been processing over experiences of the past year.


An exhibition of contemporary ceramic sculpture, painting, and found objects. Coco Spadoni and Krista Brand focus on celebrating and assigning new visual meanings to the unsightly, ugly and unlovely. 

Brand’s floor installations of found objects, litter, and ceramic structures subvert modes of traditional gallery viewing, asking the viewer to confront the floor space (and the objects themselves) on an intimate level. These installations are in conversation with painted compositions that reflect a fragmentation and collapsing of space from a looking-down vantage point. Spadoni’s ceramic sculptures and wall installations use a library of abstracted symbols that reference the bodily to embrace deflated dreams, tributes to failed love, and re-imaginings of queerness.


A collaboration with Bridgette Costa, Krista Brand, Marguerite Gilbertson, Ayanna Nayo, Anna Carpenter, and Megan Culbertson.

An experiment in improvisational making and being in an outdoor space, a relaxation of art making boundaries, and the discovery of shared, yet individual experience.

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