So Close

So Close refers to a state of unity, of being united or joined together, but also to the idea of a near miss, the almost, and not-quite-there. We invited artists to interpret this theme in relationship to space, process, representation, and material. This work responds to various states of closeness or absence and offers a moment to investigate expectation, proximity, intimacy, vacancy, and omission. Curated by Krista Brand and Mana Mehrabian.


Curated by June T Sanders and Krista Brand, Soften showcases artwork utilizing softness of form and aesthetics within video, painting, and collage. This diverse group show centers on work using softness as a strategy of strength in opposition to patriarchal methods of achievement. The exhibit investigates the intellectual and emotional aspects of labor, self-care, and embodiment. These beautiful and thoughtful works invite you to exploring ways to create a new posture of care, inclusivity and equality.


Flora, fauna, and impending catastrophe are entwined in a collision of color, uncertainty, and warmth. This selection of contemporary artwork explores ideas of escape, fantasy, nature, and deteriorating landscapes through installation, painting, ceramics, sculpture, photography, digital media, and performance.

Featuring work by Ayanna Z Nayo, Bridgette Costa, Coco Spadoni, David Janssen Jr., Diana Norely Ortiz, JJ Harty, Richie Masias, June T Sanders, Kelsey Baker, and Qarthian


A curatorial project featuring fourteen artists across five continents, observing views of the everyday along streets and urban spaces. Arranged and connected only through Instagram, this exhibition explores the possibility of the extraordinary in the ordinary and social media sharing as community art practice.

Featuring Anne Deeming, Cara Farnan, Ceren Sözer, Chen Wei Chen, Eugenia González, Graham Murtough, Hakan Gursoytrak, Hayla Ragland, Jane Morter, Kane Applegate, Natalia Sędek, Rotem Shmueli, Suné Smit, and Zola Kell.


This project reflects on everyday environments through the overlapping lenses of our phones and social networks. Using this conceptual framework, the exhibition explores open-ended interpretations of spaces suspended in the margins between decay and beauty, and invites the viewer to do the same.

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